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Alesco has a tailor-made solution to suit your specific needs

Hosting Solutions

From Cloud to Web and everything in between, we have a hosting solution to meet your needs.

Cloud Hosting

Our virtual servers deliver a higher degree of customization, transparency, and predictability than you’ll find elsewhere, and they integrate seamlessly with our other services.

Web Hosting

Get your website up and running quickly and securely. Whether you need a Domain Name to create your unique website address, or an SSL certificate to keep you and your visitors’ safe, we have everything in one place.

Email Hosting

Our email hosting solutions are ideal for businesses or individuals looking for a reliable email service.  featuring webmail, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP.

Domain Hosting

Choosing the right domain hosting service is vital. Alesco's expertise combined with cPanel enables you to manage your website files, folders, databases and manage your domains and subdomains easy and convinient.

Server Hosting

Our dedicated servers are built to your specific requirements using SuperMicro Super Servers which are located in a secure, reliable Data Centres in South Africa and USA.

Internet Access


Fibre-based Internet access for Home and Business. Alesco has the right solution at the right price.

Broadband LTE

Get instant internet access without the fuss of installation. Connect up to 64 devices quickly and easily.


Quick to install and upgrade and a fixed-line alternative, an attractive option for network redundancy.

Backup Solutions

Onsite Backup

The onsite backup plan is the first step in your 3-2-1 backup plan.

Synchronized Cloud Backup

Synchronized backups between your PC and the cloud.

Live Replication

Never lose a file, folder, or version ever again. Now you can automatically back-up important data.

Cloud Hosted PBX

Cloud PBX communication services that reduces overall costs significantly by doing away with expensive installation, training and support costs.